The ability to work from home is increasing in popularity in modern workplaces. And it is not that hard to come up with. Though, to some people, working remotely seems like a vacation, someone who works from home can tell you the facts and can wipe up some MYTHS ABOUT REMOTE WORK.

1.Contrary to what people believe, remote workers do have important things in their life to deal with; they are not available all the time like that of a cab service.

2.Taking a power nap is really a great idea, but a 15 minutes nap is never enough unless you notice that you are a narcoleptic and unemployed as well.

3.Best thing about working in an office is that you can leave it. But when working at home, there is always guilt in your mind that you have to wrap up the unfinished project and you have to take up a new project for the following day.

4.You can work from anywhere! It is easier said than done. When you move to a different city or place, the stress level for a remote worker increases as the mind gets diverted towards various things.

5.Remote workers in the beginning of their work, often get distracted by things around them. But gradually, all these distractions fade and the worker settles down with his usual routine.

6.It sounds wonderful that working from home is like being and working in his/her happy and comfort zone but the reality after working for continuous 8 hours without seeing any other person, takes a serious toll on your emotional well being.

7.Just because you don’t have manager over your shoulder does not mean that you can go party and live an easy life. Every minute and second you have to keep yourself updated with your project.

8.Remote working does not mean working from home. Working from home is one kind of remote work. Many remote workers work from shared co-working spaces too.

9.Remote workers do not get a proper feedback in return. Well, 5 out of 10 workers work remotely and many companies invest a huge amount in remote working programs. Thus, they get feedback that is worth.

10.Working from home means working as per your preference. Work can never come in one size, it varies and some people see their morale decline when they don’t get the work profile of their preference.