Love is the most precious and powerful feeling in this world. When we start falling for someone special, it is the most beautiful feeling and also slightly terrifying. Because we aren’t sure if our partner also feels the same way, like we feel for them. Will he accept us the way we are or will he start losing interest? Will our love blossom or not? These are things which keep running through every woman’s mind.

Here are 14 signs which prove that your man is completely into you!

1. He tells you everything that you don’t want to hear, but you need to hear. He makes it a point that you know everything about his on-going things. 

2. He doesn’t really notice your cellulite and stretch marks. He find you beautiful the way you are, with all of your flaws.

3. He’ll even go shopping with you (even though men hate shopping, especially with ladies). Serious husband duties! Isn’t it cute?

4. He’ll do spa nights with you. Apply face packs and green tea masks without shame that his friends will see and make fun of him. He just wants to make you happy.

5. He doesn’t notice your hot friends or when other girls are around. He just wants to make sure that you’re the only lady in his life. He doesn’t want you to feel jealous (But not to forget every man always checks out girls!).

6. He admits that he’s scared of losing you at times. And is he mentally and emotionally attached to you way too much.

7. When he tells you that he wants you to meet his family. This is way too big a thing for a man to prove that he wants her in life forever. This proves that he wants you to be his life partner. Big thing, right?

8. He makes sure to make you a part of every plan of his. Without escaping for a bachelor party by leaving you alone, he makes sure to take you also along and have fun.

9. He tries to remember each and every little thing you say. Because his memories with you are the most precious one, he pays attention to everything you say.10. When you’re fighting even though it’s not his fault, he swallows his pride and says ‘sorry’ first. And he cannot stay upset with you for long.

11. He prefers you without makeup and he really means it.

12. Your reaction is all that matters and he’ll always stand up for you in every situation. A man who is ready to stand by his woman in dire cases is a keeper.

13. He texts you most of the time and makes sure to know what is going on with you. He wants to stay updated about you. And makes sure to hear from you every now and then. Adorable guy I say.

14. Last but not the least, when you’re on your period, he will even go out on tampon duty. He will try to understand all your mood swing and irrational moments and still stand by your side forever. Husband Goals!!!

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