Genre :- Sci-fi / Action / Horror

⏩ Run-time :- 1 hr 47 mins.

Cast :- Milla Jovovich, Ian Glen, Ali Larter, Ever Anderson, Ruby Rose, Shawn Roberts.

Director :- Paul W.S Anderson.

Plot :– You would never go to watch movies from the RE franchise for its plot and characterization. I mean, comeon!

Anyways, for first timers, humanity is on the edge of extinction. Alice (Mila) discovers that there is still hope on destroying every undead (or zombies) by way of an anti-virus. To do so, she has to return to Raccoon city, where it all started. (In Umbrella corps, hive facility). But the path is filled with obstacles and zombies, of-course!

Direction and Screenplay :-

Paul W.S Anderson is known for his excellent direction skills and the hopes are already high for this one, since it is supposedly the last in the franchise. (Atleast the title suggests so.) The film begins with a recap of what’s gone on before, which seems less designed for newcomers than viewers, who’ve actually seen the previous entries but can’t remember a thing about them.

For the first time, the story supports and adds to the action rather than distract from it; it’s almost as though Anderson was holding back in the earlier films because he wanted to save the best for last. But it lacks innovation and character depth which makes the film fall flat.

Editing and Cinematography :-

Doobie White and the Editing Department must be given an award for awful editing. And trust me, by calling it awful, I am still being lenient. The frames change at the speed of 5 different shots per 2 seconds.

The Cinematography by Glan MacPherson is first-rate during the day but as the night falls, all we get to see in the steely gray palette are glistening eyes and shadows of people moving.

Music :-

The music by Paul Haslinger is riveting and hardcore. But the sounds, right after the jump scares are too loud. Might even make one of your ears bleed!

The Highs :-

▶ A lot has been said about the poor editing, but like everything the rapid-fire aesthetic has its moments. In 3-4 scenes you feel the rush going through your veins as the clock keeps ticking and Alice and her squad keep fighting innumerable zom… Oops, undead.

▶ The fact that anyone could walk in this ‘sixth’ venture and get the story-line right of the bat in the first 5-6 minutes.

▶ The strength of the movie has to be the emphasis on strong female characters driving the actions and the story. Along with Alice, we have 4 new female characters as badass as Alice was in the ‘first’ of the lot.

▶ Mutated dogs, deadly laser guns, extraordinary motorcycle stunts, corporate secrets, scenes transitioned through wire-frame maps — all of the series’ greatest hits are here.

▶ Action. Guy Potgieter and Lisa Van Velden deserve an applause for putting in so much efforts and creativity in the action bits. You are not going to be disappointed in this section atleast.

The Lows :-

▶ It is riddled with plot holes, laughable dialogues, and unnecessary action sequences. Irrelevant dialogues have been added in places where just the visuals would have been suffice. For example, “Target her” (Guns conspicuously targeting Alice), “What are we going to do?” “We’re going to kill every last one of them” (Duh! Isn’t that evident?) and many others.

▶ I’ve never seen a full budgeted movie get hacked up so poorly as far as the editing and writing is concerned, that the expensive action scenes are pretty much butchered to the maximum.

▶ A fight sequence will be nothing but a countless series of quick edits form close up, medium and far away shots mashed together so it’s impossible to follow what’s going on. Even mundane actions like people standing on top of a building looking down takes 4-5 quick cuts. Really people? Were you like high or something, which caused you to edit the shit out of an already boring script?!

▶ Jump Scares! Every time the movie gets quiet, get ready to have your ears blown out by the loudest noises they could legally include in the movie. If I took a shot for every jump scare in this movie, I’d be dead in 10 minutes.

▶CGI. Alice’s path to Raccoon City isn’t easy, since Alice must also cope with hordes of predatory zombies (who apparently couldn’t find work on The Walking Dead,) as well as mutant creatures like mini dinosaurs, coyotes, and other monsters representing the worst CGI effects that money can buy.

Performances :-

Mila Jovovich has always been an exception. She doesn’t seem to have aged a bit since the series began. This time again, she anchors the proceedings with her intense charisma and fierce athleticism. The actress has owned the character and kept these movies afloat for a decade and a half. There is a scene wherein she declares, “Sometimes, I feel like this has been my whole life.” For the first time, the comparison almost feels earned. If this really is the final one (unlike the false hype created way back in the third installment), we will miss you, Milla.

Ian Glen, as the series’ main antagonist Isaac gives a mind blowing performance this time again with his devilish charm and innate athletic abilities. Even the power packed confrontations between Alice and Isaac are a treat for sore eyes.

Ali Larter reappears as Alice’s long lost friend and gives another rocking performance, even with a very little amount of screen time.

Ever Anderson, (daughter of Mila and Anderson) gets to play the Red Queen and boy, is she good! Right from the dialogue delivery to the intensity in her eyes, she reminds us of how Mila was in her childhood.

▶ The super talented newcomer Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black and XXX returns) is barely given enough screen time to make an impression.

Shawn Roberts plays the character Vesker who does exactly what he did in the previous films. Try to bring Alice down. No relevance has been given to him this time.

Watch o Not ? You went through the ‘Highs and Lows’ right? XD

Verdict : The Final Chapter could’ve been a Mad Max with zombies but it failed big time because of poor editing, weak script and little to no dialogues.

If you are still like, “It’s the last one, cut them some slack, woman! How can you talk shit about a movie that has given us some extraordinary predecessors?”

Uhmm..  Okay. Go watch it yourself. You are so going to regret it.
May the force, (zom)bie with you! (Pun intended).

Ratings :- 2/5 (One for the badasses, Mila and Ian. And another for the group efforts of action department.)

PS It has certainly left the door open for sequels/prequels.