The pain of having an indifferent boyfriend is terrible. I know sometimes you feel like you love a different species from a different planet. But still you love him unconditionally. But he is such a pain in ass which can’t be cured yet you cherish it. So, here are 5 pains of having an indifferent boyfriend.

The most unromantic creature in the world.

You planned a romantic date or rather a romantic walk….you ask him for it….he gives you that indifferent look and say, “What’s the need for a date? Date toh har roz aata hai…. Better let’s sit here in the home and have a good time.” When whole city is celebrating Valentines, you’ll be sitting in home because he is least interested in all these stuffs.


He is a plan-spoiler.

From a long time you planned something for you two only or something special for him….finally the day comes… and you tell him the plan…. he just gives you a look and say nothing… or might just cancel the plan.

Nothing can excite him

You got a new dress….got ready only for him…. you ask him how you are looking…he just gives you that indifferent look…..or you got a special gift for him…. he opens it….and just say thank you…..and doesn’t say a single word more…nothing seems to be exciting for him. He maintains his poker face always.

It seems that it takes money to smile.

Smile is something that can be hardly visible on his face. It seems it needs money to smile. The day you see his smile you feel that something went unnatural. His smile can be the Diwali lights for which you wait for a long time. The little smirk he gives can be billion dollar for you.

He is ruthlessly honest.

For him being honest only matters. He doesn’t care if you are hurt or not. He will always give you ruthlessly honest opinions. He will never flatter…not even for your happiness. He feels flattering gives you fake happiness and make you expect uselessly.

In spite of being so indifferent, you still love him. He looks extremely hot because of his this indifference. Honesty is something about him you will always cherish.

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