“Chai” is something which is very common to each of us. It has some special reasons that makes it so special in spite of being so common. Here are some reasons which makes “Chai” being eligible to be declared as India’s National Drink.

  1. Chai can be complimented with any snacks.

Chai- whenever this word comes to our mind. We can think of a series of snacks. Morning starts with Chai and Marie biscuits or cookies. Monsoon enters and Chai-pakora becomes a must have. Evening needs to be Chai-samosa or Chai-patties or Chai-kachori. Chai-parantha or Chai-puri  can be had by us at anytime. Sometimes Chai alone can be enough.


2. Chai can be had anytime.

Chai can be had anytime. No proper time for it for Indians. Anyone drops into our house at any time Chai toh banegi hi. From morning to late night, Chai can be had anytime at any place. It quenches our thirst irrespective of place and time.


3. Chai as a stress buster.

Long hours of class and work…Fully stressed out, frustrated… Chai to the rescue. Again, next morning need to submit an assignment or a report…. Fully tensed….Lots of work to do… Chai to the rescue. And if stress rises up then try the best combo- Chai-sutta.


4. Chai has so much of variety.

From lal chai to chai latte- so much of variety. Masala chai, cutting chai, adrak wali chai, eliachi wali chai, kali mirch wali chai, etc etc. You can choose anything from this wide variety. c858cc4a258e4f24a247f22f87706ee25. Chai has so much of medicinal values.

Have a headache?… Have garma-garam chai. Have cold and caugh?….. Have adrak or kalimirch wali lal chai…. and many more…. pumpkin-eggnog-chai-one-w-name

Now after knowing so much about Chai, I think you are also thinking of grabing a cup of Chai. So, go grab it and I feel, now you also feel that it should be declared as National Drink of India….. Still need to think more?? Then go and have Chai and you can think deeper.

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