The faster your site, the higher the rank in Google Search. Also the users will be grateful. There is nothing more annoying than a slow page. According to users and search engines a fast page is a good page. But how do you find out if your site is performing well or not? We have listet five free speed testing tools that help you improve you website without taking much of your precious working time as a freelancer.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

With speed being one essential SEO factor, you should test your website performance properly. Who could test better than the best-known search engine in the world? Google’s PageSpeed Insights will rank your site and give it’s performance a grade from 1 to 100. The higher it scores the better it is. A value above 80 indicates that your site is already pretty responsive. The tool measures the time it takes to render the first information on the site, which is called above-the-fold content. It’s all the things that you can see without scrolling down. Moreover PageSpeed Inisights will tell you how long it takes for your page to be fully loaded and mobile optimization. Indicators are for example fonts, button sizes and viewpoint configuration.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is a very popular tool. Just as PageSpeed Insights it rates your site from 1 to 100. Moreover you get a full report devided into four categories. These are performance grade, page analysis, history and waterfall breakdown. And the tool will provide some other useful insights like the size of your site and the number of requests for each domain.

3. GTmetrix

Another very helpful tool, which combines several functions and is not only measuring speed, is GTmetrix. First, you get an overall grade from F to A with A being the highest. Second, your website is analyzed in five different areas: Page Speed, history, video and waterfall breakdown. The last category measures the interaction between your site and the user. Also very useful: you can test your website performance with different browsers. And you can check your stats with add-ins like Adblock Plus.

4. DareBoost

DareBoost will help you improve your website although you might be not that familiar with optimization. You will receive a grade between 1 and 100. It will tell you your successes, issues and it will give you improvement suggestions as well. DareBoost will give you concrete examples of any of those fields. It is possible to download the full report as PDF or to start monitoring it. This means that DareBoost will check on your site regulary and send you an email alert if new issues come up.

5. WebPageTest

WebPageTest can do pretty much the same as the other tools already mentioned. But it offers some extras that can be very useful for some of you. You can test your site from over 40 different locations. This can be especially relevant for hosts that want to access the global market. Furthermore you can test your website performance with 25 different browsers and also mobile. WebPageTest conducts a “first view and repeat view” analysis and therefore offers a more accurate measurement. It takes also into consideration that the DNS lookup delay might be longer than normal when you test your website the first time.

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