Are you a die-hard animal lover?  Are your allergies preventing you from having a pet? Or just not allowed to have one?  No worries honey. We got a solution to fill that craving.

  1. Chester, the perfect balance (pun intended!). He can balance any food you can think of. One thing you can definitely from Chester – Patience is a virtue.

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  1. Smiley, the blind therapy dog. Smiley was born without eyes. But that didn’t stop this bundle of energy and happiness from becoming a therapy dog. This floof’s smile will give you life.

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  1. Flaps Of Destiny – This account is famous for the floppy jowls of a dog. Or just flaps. Plus they make it even more interesting with witty captions.

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  1. Clio and Roman – These two Labradors love their midnight snacks. Especially Roman.

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  1. Rescue Pets Of Instagram – Discover how pets were rescued. You get your dose of happy floofs and a story to go with it.

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  1. Frigg, Effie, Emelinna, Norman and Merlin. Don’t get fooled by their adorable names. These five ferrets from Denmark are spoiled by their parents. Yes and I did say FERRETS.

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