We want our prom dresses to look so good that sometimes we end up over thinking it. And when we over think it, we end up doing something really ridiculous on which we might laugh at later in our lives.


1. You did not have to be so elaborate really

These dresses… they say it all.

Funny Pictures : http://www.evilmilk.com/


2. This bubble wrap dress is not cool

Doesn’t she look like a mermaid though?




3. This dress is an example of prom dress disaster

The evil scary witch!




4. We hope the students at the prom even were not very hungry!

In case you didn’t notice, the dress is made out of Doritos.



5. They thought out of the box and went for the perfect dress for after prom

*wink wink*




6. That is perfectly what the wicked kids at prom need – a scary clown girl

Isn’t that the perfect way to get that dress? We’re kidding! Just take a look at them.



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