1. Artists like Guillaume Kurkdjian are using animated GIFs to a somewhat unique end: creating tasteful (and sometimes commissioned) illustrations. Image: Guillaume Kurkdjian



2. Rebecca Mock, a Brooklyn-based illustrator, is one of a handful of artists who have done GIF work for the New York Times.


3. Laurene Boglio, a French graphic designer and illustrator based in London, started exploring GIFs two years ago as a way to add “a new dimension” to her drawings.Image: Laurene Boglio


4. “Producing a GIF is essentially a matter of patience,” she says. “I find making them very relaxing.” Image: Laurene Boglio


5. Illustrator Robin Davey has been contributing masterful GIFs to WIRED Italia.Image: Robin Davey


6. Kurkdjian posts his GIFs weekly on a Tumblr, which has new garnered some 17,000 followers. Image: Guillaume Kurkdjian


7. Boglio says she’s had a few commissioned, but often times they fall through.Image: Laurene Boglio



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