When comes the question of Indian street food, there comes a huge niagara falls in the mouth of every foodie. When “street food” is said, all of us, specially indians hear is “teekha, chatpata, khatta, yummiliciously delicious….” So, here we bring you the topmost street food every Indian loves.. yeah yeah “Kashmir se Kanyakumari” tak…

  1. Gol-Gappe

This tops the list and there is no doubt about it at all. “Kyun… koi shak?”. This is also known as pani puri/puchke/water ballons. No matter what this unites every foodie. That option of “khatta-meetha” & “heeng wala paani” and also whether “sooji wala” or “aatte wala” doesnt seems to confuse us much, what all matters is we want it in our mouth anytime and maybe everytime. And having a race over who can eat more is an all time favourite. Asking for some extra paani for free.. is everyone’s birthright… no?

2. Pav-Bhaji

“Pav-Bhaji makhan maar ke” is like a bliss to our ears. Although it comes under a proper diet but it is actually a street food. It is famous in almost every state what south what north what east and what west. The soft soft pav… I bet all of us would have asked for some more because just two with a whole of bhaji is somewhat not equal… right?

3. Chat & Tikki

Okay.. so who doesnt likes all those “papdi” and “aalo ki tikki” dipped in “dahi, green chutney and red waali chutney”. Just so mouth watering and the blessing is that you can always have the quantity as per your requirement… which chutney extra, which one not at all… Even at marriages and other such functions, these stalls are always crowded.

4. Vada-Pav

Although it is said to be a staple food in Maharashtra but this is something that is famous not even in India but worldwide. This is kinda combo.. 2 in 1.. The taste of vada and pav that gets so beautifully mixed up in everybite you take is a must have… and when it is spicy… aahaa.. then comes the real joy of eating it.

5. Momos

The ones that are having a huge fan following everywhere. These East-Indian cuisines has made a special place in everyone’s heart as a favourite street food. You can have it anywhere and anytime. What are your favourite ones… steamed, fried, veg, non-veg?

6. Chuski (Crushed ice balls)

That little little crystals of ice packed tightly together in a glass and flavoured……. “kala-katta” “mixed-flavours” “meetha” “chatpata” and many more. No matter what your age is, no matter what the season is… you will certainly and definitely enjoy it. There are whole lot of contentment for our taste buds in every “chuski”

7. Bhelpuri

This is kinda one of the best inventions, rice puffs with some veggies an varieties of “namkeens”. Eating this while strolling on a beach or while taking a walk feels so amazing. And the real fun is when it has an enormous amount of peanuts and lots of lemon juice. So now, when you know the most famous foods of Indian Streets….next time you go out, you know exactly what to look out for first…

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