Mom’s are our bestfriends.They know us inside out – quite literally.

But when it comes to the questions they ask we wish the earth to open up and swallow us down.



1) Why do you need such fancy Lingerie?


Yes Mom! I don’t plan on showing my lingerie off. I can wear the white cotton lingerie which you always get for me but these red, hot pink, black, purple sexy lacy lingerie looks and feels so good!!
My twins need those kinda pampering!

2) What took you so long in the bathroom? What exactly were you doing?


Um! The things we do in the bathroom.
Apparently that’s not the answer they wanna hear. Unless and until you give a detailed description you are never let off the hook!

3) Bikini-wax?!? Why do you even need that?


How do we explain this ! Talking about our private parts is so embarrassing no matter how many times our mom’s have changed our diapers.

4) So, who was that boy?!


Mom’s maybe all goody – goody in front of our friends but the moment they leave mom’s start with their never-ending interrogations.
“How do you know him?”
“What does he do?”
“Why didn’t you tell me about that guy before?”

And on and on and on!! *Sigh*

5) Condom!!! Why is there a condom in your bag?


Oops! How do we get away with this one!
We all got this in sex-education class – for free!
No matter what the thing is the word “free” always helps!

6) What’s that mark in your neck?


Ah! The oh-so-romantic and passionate mark of love! Obviously Mom’s will probably give you a permanent mark if you tell her this! *Slap*

You make up the tales of how a nasty bug crept in and tortured you!

7) Why do you smell of cigarettes ? *Whiffs* Is that alcohol?!


Mother’s have the best sense of smell. They can even beat your pet dogs in that!
Uh! Well how do we answer that question!
Blame it on the ruffians in the street who smoke right in your face!
Alcohol?!? Really! That’s just nail polish remover that fell on me!

Plzz lemme go!


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