7. Veen

Veen Waters
Priced $23, each bottle of Veen contains water from the Konisaajo spring in the Finnish Lapland. The water has extremely low mineral content, which is a reason why it is internationally famous. The water tastes unusually smooth. Veen is available in 23 different countries in Europe.

6. Hawaiian Deep Sea Water

Hawaiian Deep Sea Water
The Hawaiian Deep Sea Water has all the ingredients needed for a healthy body. One of the reasons why it is one of the most expensive bottled designer waters is that the water comes from 3000 feet under the Pacific Ocean surface, where the water, clocked at 43 degrees, is completely free from any kind of pollutant that may contaminate it if it were on the surface. Each bottle of this water is $33.5.

5. Bling H2O

Bling H2O
The water, which is from Tennessee spring, is packaged in frosted bottles studded with Swarovski crystals, and is corked like champagne bottles. Each bottle of this designer water is priced at $40.

4. Hello Kitty Fillico

To celebrate the 35th birthday of Hello Kitty, Japanese “jewelry water” company Fillico launched the Hello Kitty line of luxury water. Each Swarovski-encrusted bottle of Hello Kitty Fillico is priced $100, and one can get his name engraved on it for another $25.

3. Fillico

Hello Kitty Fillico
From the house of the Japanese company Fillico comes another expensive bottled designer water, priced at $219 per bottle. The water is from Osaka in Japan, and is packaged in an elegant bottle built like a chess piece, specially a king or a queen.

2. Kona Nigari Water

Expensive Bottled Designer Waters
The Kono Nigari Water is actually desalinated water collected from a few thousand feet below the ocean surface, off the island of Hawaii, and it is sold in Japan. Each bottle is priced at a staggering $402.

1. Acqua di Cristallo “Tributo a Modigliani”

Expensive Bottled Designer WatersThe water is a mix of Fiji and France’s spring waters, and actual glacier water from Iceland, with 5mg of 23-karat gold dust. Priced at $60,000, even its replicas cost $275-3600.

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