7. Ukraine

Ukraine - Controversial Vacation Spots
Home of the terrible Chernobyl accident, Pripyat, Ukraine has found its way onto the controversial vacation spots list. Chernobyl was the worst nuclear catastrophe in history, costing the most in damages and causing the most casualties. Back in 1986, the year of the nuclear disaster, traveling to this spot would have been impossible.

6. Alcatraz Island

Controversial Vacation Spots
What was once a lifelong locked-up sentence for some is now a vacation destination for others. If you’re in the San Francisco area, you can schedule a cruise around Alcatraz Island. Because such trips allow you to stay on the boat, learn about the island’s history and because the prison is no longer used, such tours are quite popular.

5. Myanmar

Controversial Vacation Spots
Tourism is a growing industry in this developing nation. Myanmar’s strict government keeps it mostly cut off from the outside world, however, making it controversial to stay here. The government also formerly used forced labor as a means of building up the nation’s tourism, which raised some red flags.

4. Palestinian Territories

Palestinian girl reacts after Israeli forces
Although the Palestinian territories (East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank) offer beautiful landscape and temperate weather, political instability makes traveling here highly controversial. The Israeli military blockade of land, air and sea has kept the Gaza Strip almost entirely off-limits.

3. Peru’s Human Safaris

Peru’s Human Safaris
Peru makes this list again for their “human safaris.” These “attractions” have been growing in popularity recently. Certain indigenous tribes residing in the Amazon are being exploited by tour operators. Some of these tribes are “uncontacted,” meaning they purposefully avoid interaction with the outside world.

2. Iraq

Kurdistan Region of Iraq
With all the media coverage in recent years, who would want to travel to Iraq? Some people, apparently, are drawn to the desert, culture and adventure. In fact, war zone tourism has been trending in recent years. In 2010, for example, a trip to Baghdad through Warzone Tours could have cost up to $40,000.

1. North Korea

Film festival in Pyongyang North Korea
North Korea is not an ideal place to live, what with the malnutrition, starving or even death facing more than half of its brainwashed population. But what is it like to vacation there? Beyond it being controversial, due, of course, to its repressive totalitarian state, North Korea as a vacation spot is not impossible.

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