7. Blind People Dream

10 Most Fascinating Facts About Dreams
We see faces and objects in our dreams. But those who are blind by birth know nothing about images and colors. Yet, they see auditory dreams. They listen sound, recognize odor, and feel vibrations in their dreams.

6. We Forget 90% of Our Dreams

10 Most Fascinating Facts About Dreams
We spend nearly one-third of our life asleep, and unfortunately we couldn’t remember most of it. About 95% of our dreams forgotten as we gets out of bed.

5. We only dream of what we know

10 Most Fascinating Facts About Dreams
We see strange faces in our dreams. About 48% of people in our dream are unknown to us. But are they really strange and our brain is creating those faces? No, they are real faces and we’ve seen those faces somewhere in our life.

4. Few people dream in black and white

dream in black and white
Though most of us see dreams in color, but there are some percentage of people who claims that they dream without colors. They see dreams in black and white. When they have been asked, right after awakened from dream, to select color from a chart, they frequently selected soft pastel.

3. Inventions inspired by dreams

Inventions inspired by dreams
Dreams have always been inspiration for writers. But some dreams inspired for the discoveries and inventions.

2. Premonition dreams

Premonitions of 9-11
Premonition dreams are to see the glitch of future. There are many cases where people claim they saw some event prior to its occurrence in their dream. You can say it is a coincidence but they claim that the things happened exactly in a same way that they saw in their dreams.

1. Men vs Women Dreams

Men vs Women Dreams
Despite there are some common dreams, they varied depending on gender. A women’s dream world is different than a men’s dream world. Women tend to see more frequent and nightmares than men, and more likely to remember their dreams as compared to men.

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