7. Saw Torture

Saw Torture
The easily available saw was used as a life-threatening torture device to kill the victim to cut the person up to the abdomen, leaving him to fully experience agony and humiliation until death. As a symbolic gesture, some victims were cut completely in half.

6. Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
The interior was studded with short spikes, and once the victim was inside, he would be incapable of movement, with the spikes impaling him and leading to slow fatality, while the torturer interrogated from outside. Researchers found this device and its variations in 1800 European castles.

5. Crucifixion

Crucifixion_by ulisses
It is an agonizingly slow method of execution, with the condemned person being tied or even nailed to a huge cross made of wood. The person would then be left there like that. Tiredness would take of the body of the person, and the muscled would undergo immense pain. He would be left to die, which could even take days.

4. Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull
The victim would be inside the bull, while there would be a fire set beneath it, slowly turning the bull yellow with heat, thus roasting the person inside. As the victim would start to scream in pain, it would sound like the bellowing of the bull, because, for special effects, the bull had tubes designed to amplify the sound of the victim inside.

3. Breaking Wheel

The execution of Peter Stumpp
These wooden wheels had a person tied to it, and then it was pushed down to the hillside, or mounted to an A-frame. The wheel was then swung across fire, spikes or something undesirable, or turned on an axle, while the torturer smashed the bones of the victim, I public. He would then be left to die of pain, dehydration and bird attacks.

2. Impaler

Impalement Of Waldenses by Granger
The pole would often emerge through the sternum, as its tip would reach a position under the chin, preventing the person to slide any further. As a result, the process could take up to three days for death to relieve the victim of his pain. Vlad is said to have impaled 20,000-300,000 people, while enjoying a meal.

1. Hanged, Drawn, Quartered

drawn and quartered
The person would be dragged to the place of execution in a hurdle, or a wooden frame, where he would be Hanged to a near-death state. The Drawing process him being castrated and disembowelled, and his innards and genitalia being burnt in front of him. He would finally be Quartered, i.e. divided to four parts, and beheaded.

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