Firstly you need to know what does this pesudo-alien term ‘Barrel’ actually means. For the same species from which i belong, the solitude beaten yet proud engineers, One Barrel equates to 157 litres (around 42 gallons) of liquid fluid.

Crude Oil, obtained from gulf and Arab countries, is a complex mixture of various hydrocarbons, no, it also contains impurities, like Sulphur (S), Nitrogen (N), and some metal traces. Different Crude Oils have different composition. Now talking about those Hydrocarbons we are discussing, in a simpler way, they can be classified as Light, Middle, and Heavy Hydrocarbons (distillates). Petrol, often known as Gas or Gasoline in western countries, falls in the category of light distillates. What does that conclude??? It means Crude having higher fraction of light distillate can yield high quantity of Petrol. Boys (and the better part, the ladies too), one thing important here, heavier hydrocarbons too can be broken down to lighter ones which again increases the yield of light or middle distillates, Petrol & Diesel to mention.

Let me tell you some more interesting things first. There are around 1500 byproducts which can be produced from crude oil. So you want to know them all?? I think you have come to the right place ;), but you need to wait for sometime, and better you know the important ones first.

Crude Oil Barrel, quantities are in gallon.
Crude Oil Barrel, quantities are in gallon.

Above is a schematic of what a barrel can give you after getting processed in an OMC (Oil Manufacturing Company).

This is just an idea, not the precise one, why so?? Because OMC or refineries have the option to increase the fraction of a required product, say petrol or diesel based on their requirement. You ask me how do they do it?? They do it by using ‘machines’ for obvious :D, to break the heavy metals to lighter ones (i.e. Petrol, Diesel).

That means you can’t say precisely how much liters of petrol can be produced from one barrel crude oil. But hey, there must be an average right?? Yes there is, 40 to 70 liters per barrel crude oil is the number. I am again quoting, the range is a rough idea, some sources also say one can obtain 50 to 90 liters o petrol per barrel.

I think you might also be interested in knowing what are the parameters that control this number, some of the general ones are, Refinery Configuration, How it is operated, and the type of Crude Oil process.

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