“Recently watched SRK’s ‘My Name Is Khan’ and completely loved the film. His first (and only) movie that I watched (this year, even if it was released in 2008) was ‘My name is Khan.’ And not only the movie was excellent, but SRK deserved an Oscar if Hollywood was not manipulated. He kindly offered to send the other titles – as you probably guess, it is not easy to find them in Switzerland.”

This elephantine accolade has come from a giant of a personality, who’s literary works have stimulated generations of aspiring writers and storytellers. The man behind the above statement is none other than Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian legend, known for mesmerizing and enthralling his readers with his unblemished writing.

12th February, 2010, the day when the SRK-Kajol starrer released and charmed almost everyone with its earnestness and honesty.

As the film completes seven glorious years today, it’s time to revisit this enduring drama by giving you SEVEN REASONS to watch it.


Any story sans emotions would be akin to a body without soul. One of the biggest strengths of MNIK is its ability to suck you in its drama from the word go. Devoid of any manipulation or melodrama, the emotional core of the film truly chokes you and gives a lump in your throat.


Easily the most crucial aspect of film making is to narrate a story that grips you and keeps you hooked to your seats till the end credits begin to roll. MNIK is a simple yet relevant story that deals with the repercussions of being a Muslim in this world. An autistic Muslim father is blamed for the death of his stepson and he then embarks on a journey to meet the President of the United States, to inform him that not all Muslims are terrorists, and he definitely isn’t. It’s a crucial film that ought to be viewed, a film that could change your perceptions and perspectives about terrorism and Muslims.


Take the greatest story in the world and then cast some lifeless actors who fail to infuse any drama or liveliness in it, the film would collapse in the first reel itself. Hallelujah! The biggest highlights of MNIK were the dynamic performances of its leads and even the key supporting actors. Be it the immensely endearing and heartwarming Zarina Wahab as Rizwan’s(SRK) mother or Arjan Aujla as his stepson, all shone in peculiar roles and proved that a compelling script coupled by galvanizing performances make for a perfect movie viewing experience.


When we hear about Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, we’re immediately transported to the luscious landscapes and marvelous mountains of Switzerland. Our fondest memories of this historic celluloid couple are stuffed in films like KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, DDLJ and even K3G, but personally, their most crackling chemistry was captured in this picture. Be it Rizwan unapologetically asking Mandira (Kajol) for sex or shying with a childlike innocence when the latter proposes to him for marriage, its delightful and charming to see their romance.


The biggest of films have made their way to the audiences’ hearts only because of a sensational soundtrack, and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s soothing musical score was a testimony to that. Perfectly juxtaposing the songs with the narrative, MNIK boasted off some memorable and hummable tracks, Noore Khuda and Tera Sajda being almost everyone’s favorite even today. Particularly captivating was the delightful choreography of the Sajda song, set against the backdrop of the lead pair’s wedding, the camera meticulously capturing their nuptial bliss. If not for anything else, give this film a chance for its music.


Karan Johar has literally made a name for himself in the industry by narrating larger-than-life stories. Every character in his saga is richer than most of the states in our country (No Puns here). My Name is Khan came closest to the grim and brutal realities of the world we’re living in. This was his most emotional and sincere film as a director. Choosing a subject that would sadly be relevant even in the future generation, he masterfully captured and narrated the menace of terrorism and how it can completely destroy and crush humanity. This is Karan Johar’s reinvention.


No qualms of being blamed for being biased but personally, the one reason why MNIK never gets old is because of SRK. Known for charming his leading ladies with his infectious smile and smoldering and scorching persona, this was a drastically diverse character that gave him a gargantuan opportunity to perform and penetrate into the actor hidden inside the star.

You cannot help but be moist-eyed when he’s blamed for the tragic death of his stepson, you’re thoroughly rooting for him when he embarks on his journey to meet the president of the U.S. Tenaciously capturing the nuances of an Autistic patient and completely sinking his teeth into the character, he truly proved why he’s called the KING KHAN. 

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