7 Reasons Why Reading Classics is Difficult

1) Reading classics takes lots of time

Undoubtedly reading classy novels such as Treasure Island, The Great Expectation, Tom Sawyer, etc. take a lot of time to be read. Hence, the youth lacks the interest before finishing them. It is also necessary to mention here that youths are often depressed due to the era that is described in the famous novels. It is for the simple reason that the days of yore are quite unfamiliar to them.

2) Some words are too difficult

Today the queen’s language is different then what it used to be centuries back. Many of the old English words are getting replaced with newer words. Less prevalence of old English had brought us to the situation when we could not understand the language that was used a few centuries back.

3) Error 404 ; Meaning could not be found

Internet always helps us to know meanings of various words but few of the centuries old words can’t be found in dictionary or internet either. It makes it quite difficult for the today’s youth to understand the meaning of such words. Obviously you can’t dedicate a long time just to know a meaning of the particular word.

4) Few classic novels have lesser pages but higher prices

The high price of classy novels could not be ignored. It would be really difficult for the youth to purchase costly novels from book stores. Unless there is a public library facility in your vicinity, it is very difficult to imagine that the youth are spending lots of money to purchase classic novels. Unless the government of the day promotes reading habit among the youths by opening more libraries and distributing books, it would be really difficult to purchase costly books.

5) Reading is relatively boring activity

Reading is a one-way communication. If you are a studious person then you might have experienced that reading in a calm place is the best way to retain a concentration. Classic novels swing around such complicated matters that only the interested persons will read them from beginning to end. Chatting over the social media seems more interesting as it’s a two-way communication. Youths prefer to chat more than finish reading classy novels.

6) Reading leads to more strain to eyes

You may find it humorous, but the youths have to wear spectacle when they move to college. It clearly reflects that they have to read a lot to complete their college education. The college curriculum is really very tough irrespective of whichever subjects you choose. It gives not a single moment to youths to enjoy reading.

7) The tragic end in classics

Some of the famous writers have preferred to have sad endings in their novels then the happier one. This really depresses the youth. They want to experience all good things in life and when they come across such tragedies obviously they won’t like reading them.

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