The concept of Craft Brewery is new to India and a majority of our guzzler population is unaware about the latest trends in the beer market. Still, however, a few of the megacities have warmly embraced the trend and culture it carries with it.

And, our this guzzler population still isn’t very confident about the craft beers and are reluctant to have a good time at these craft breweries.

So, we are here to provide you all with a list of reasons as why you shouldn’t ever visit these craft breweries :-

  1. These Craft Breweries promise to offer you one HELL of an Awsummm Evening in their beautiful, aesthetic bars which will force you to relax after a hard toil at work. Only a fool wouldn’t like to relax in a beautiful, soothing bar in evening after getting his ass kicked by his boss, RIGHT!! aesthtic bar@7tint

2. They offer you some of the best freshly brewed beers of the world that would be a treat to anybody’s taste buds and apart from this, are low on calories & actually have health benefits. But who likes them, we love our usual pints of those beers with same old boring taste and unhealthy profile.

3. In the near future, these craft breweries will be the top hot-spots for partying. SO WHAT? We are trend followers, not trend creators.

4. These breweries give you an insight on how your beer is actually prepared and takes you on a ride to vintage lands of breweries, I’m sooo excited. Wait, what- excited, really? Seriously dude, who has time for this? 7-Degree-Brauhaus@7tint

5. How do I decide which beer to order? Damn, these craft breweries have such a lot of options to chose from and I can’t decide. I’m very much happy ordering those regular brands. craft beer@7tint

6. Beer and Music. These craft breweries provide the perfect combo of craft beer and music. They play music to all kinds of moods with the lights set according to the mood. Who the hell in this world likes that combo?? Vapor interior@7tint

7. These craft breweries also hold the reputation of brewing almost all the strongest beers of the world. Wanna give that a shot? hey!! Hey man….I don’t have the balls to try theseArmegeddon beer@7tint

Come on guys, there’s no need to hold yourself back from trying these CRAFT BREWERIES. Believe me guys, you won’t regret this.


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