7. Prague astronomical clock

Prague Astronomical Clocks
The Prague astronomical clock, also known as the Prague orloj, in Czech Republic, is the third oldest in the world and the oldest to be still working. Mounted on the wall of Old Town City in Prague since 1410.

6. Zytglogge tower clock

Zytglogge tower Astronomical Clocks
The Zygtlogge tower in Bern Switzerland is a landmark medieval structure of the 13th century, and has two clock faces, and a remarkable astronomical clock of the 15th century.

5. Rostock astronomical clock

Rostock Astronomical Clocks
The Rostock astronomical clock is set in St. Mary’s Church in Rostock, Germany, built in 1472. At the top is an Apostle-go-round where the apostles cross before Jesus, and has Judas shut out.

4. Strasbourg astronomical clock

Strasbourg Astronomical Clocks
The Strasbourg astronomical clock is in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame of Strasbourg in France. Built between 1838 and 1843 to replace the 16th century clock that stood for 50 years after going out of order in 1788.

3. Astronomical clock in Besançon Cathedral

Astronomical clocks in Besançon Cathedral
The astronomical clock in Besançon Cathedral, France, was made and installed in 1860 to replace the original Bernardin’s clock, with more work done for 3 years. Meant to express how the Resurrection of Christ led to man’s existence, its mechanism has a whopping 30,000 parts, with 21 automated figures and animated pictures, making it one of the world’s most remarkable astronomical clocks.

2. Olomouc astronomical clock

Olomouc astronomical clocks
The Olomouc astronomical clock is another famous one of its kind found in Czech Republic in Olomouc. This clock is a rare example of a heliocentric astronomic clock. Various sources state the construction period to be 1422 or 1517.

1. Torrazzo of Cremona clock

Torrazzo of Cremona clock
The Torazzo in Lombardy, Italy, is the famous bell tower of the Cathedral of Cremona. In its fourth storey, there is a remarkable astronomical clock, which is the largest astronomical clock in the world, built in 1583-1588.

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