7. Honour Killing

Honor killing in India
Honour killing, one of the most shocking Rituals in India. Marriage is more than bringing two people together in India. Apart from marriage, there are many other things they are strict about, like what to wear, whom to talk to, etc. In case a member of their family goes against the rules and regulations, they may be disowned by the family, or worse, killed, for bringing dishonour on the family or community.

6. Dowry

Dowry in Indian Culture
Traditionally, at the time of marriage, a family said goodbye to their girl with gifts mainly in the form of gold jewellery. This was called Stree-dhan: the property of the woman. However, with time, the practice changed. Families started paying dowry in cash, properties, and even education, to the groom, as a sign of gratitude for taking responsibility of their daughter.

5. Female Foeticide/Infanticide

Female Foeticide
With many families under the pressure of dowry, is it strange that women are considered a burden? Besides, she may be a threat to the family’s honour, by not being pretty or fair enough to be married, or by getting raped by some perverted beasts who are looming around. Boys, on the contrary, are the torch-bearers of the family, as they carry forward the name and bring dowry. Hence, they prefer female foeticide, which is seen in cities and educated families, too. That is a shame on us.

4. Child Marriage

Child Marriage in India
In India, the legal marriageable age of a woman is 18, and that of a man is 21. However, this shocking rituals in India is something that is still practised, especially in the rural communities throughout the country. Child marriage was outlawed in 1929, It is an active political issue in the country. While most of the focus is on underage girls getting married, we often forget to consider those underage boys who are given the responsibility of marriage, much too early.

3. Baby Dropping

Baby Dropping Ritual Practiced in India
One of the most horrifyingly shocking rituals in India is that of baby dropping, mainly performed by Muslims, though Hindus practice it, too. At Baba Umer Dargah near Sholapur, Maharashtra, and Sri Santeswar temple near Indi, Karnataka, this ritual has been prevalent for about 700 years. To be blessed with children, people partake in this ritual, where an infant, two years or even less, is dropped from a tower of about 50 feet, with crowds standing at the foot of the tower to catch the baby.


2. Exorcism by Marriage

Exorcism by Marriage
Indian believe in spirits, and lots of them. They are a superstitious lot, with many prejudices. Horoscope is pretty elaborate in India, with several aspects taken into consideration line day, date, time, etc., down to probably the very nanosecond of birth. Accordingly, some women are said to have “mangal dosh”: such a women are said to endanger the life of her husband. To exorcise her, the shocking ritual in India is to get the woman married to a tree.



1. Cannibalism, Necromancy and other practices of Aghori

Aghori Hindu Cannibal Temple
The formidable Aghori saints of Varanasi are members of a Hindu sect who worship Lord Shiva as the supreme god. They are known for their post-mortem rituals. They consider nothing to be taboo: drugs, alcohol, extremely unconventional sexual practices, etc.

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