When comes the question of styling her OWN room a girl may be confused regarding some stuff, like what to have and what not to in the room, what kind of furniture, what theme etc etc… but here are some basic things that every girl will have on her wish list for sure.

Do you?


  • Dream Catcher dreamcatcher@7tint

Although a dream catcher is said to filter out your dreams so that you have only good dreams but still girls love this anyways. It looks just so cool and beautiful. It kinda gives you positive vibes and hope.

  • Wind Chime wind chime@7tint

Aah… who doesn’t loves the tingling sounds that a wind chime makes. People of all ages like this. It creates a lil musical and soothing environment in the whole room and house. It provides happiness beyond boundaries.

  • Fresh Flowers fresh flowers@7tint

The fragrance fresh flowers spreads is something everyone will love waking up to. Buying some fresh flowers and arranging them in the room generates a sense of contentment in one.

  • Mirror Wall-Mirrors@7tint

For all those girls out there this is something that is a must in their room. Trying different hairstyles, some lip gloss, an eyeliner or a new dress, girls like checking themselves out and making sure that they are looking all set to rock the real world. It helps them feel confident about themselves.

  • Music System music system@7tint

Who doesn’t likes listening or sometimes even dancing to music? No matter what the situation or the mood it. Having a music system of our own in a little or a even a bigger corner in the room is like a girl’s genie granted wish come true. It makes girls feel that they is something they can always rely upon.

  • Colors colours@7tint

Come On! Who likes all black and white. A girl likes to have as many colors as possible in her room. Be it with some wall hangings, or a cupboard, or just some fab origamis. Colors all around makes one joyful.

  • Walk-In Wardrobe walk in wardrobe@7tint

Girls like to have clothes, footwear and accessories of all kind. Folding them and keeping them stacked all the time is not every girl’s cup of tea and a walk in wardrobe is all they wish for. It certainly makes them the happiest of all.

So now when you know how these all lighten up your life in special ways.. go ahead girls….

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