7. Horn Please

Things People Hardly Know About India
You can only imagine what the traffic scene is in a country that is the second most populous country in the world. Traffic jams are a regular in the country on every road, street and by-lane.

6. Newspapers Run Strong

Things People Hardly Know About India
While most of the world is slowly getting rid of newspapers as they can get their news on their smartphones or tablets, India still believes the best way to get their daily dose of the happenings from around the world is to hold a newspaper and read it.

5. Obesity on the Rise

Obese Indian Women
Not unlike the rest of the world, Indians are gradually starting to pack on the pounds and are inching their way to obesity (no pun intended). With the rise of fast food and packaged processed foods hitting the supermarkets, fresh food is being forgotten about.

4. Plastic Chairs Everywhere

Things People Hardly Know About India
This is one thing that is constant in a country filled with ever changing traits. The plastic chair has become as common as the cow sitting in the middle of a traffic logged road. It can be found in every house, restaurant, hotel, school, hospital, office and so on and so forth.

3. Spitting and Peeing Publically

Peeing Publicly in india
This is something that India does not take pride in although some Indians do. These two horrendous acts have set the bar really low for anti-India critiques. Spitting in India has become like a trend where people now feel it is their duty to spit on the roads and on building walls.

2. Superstitions

Bizarre Superstitions in India
In a land of mythical creatures and wild imagination, superstitions are bound to follow. Indians are very superstitious about basically everything from crossing the road after a cat crosses to not wearing new clothes on a Saturday.

1. Take it to The Streets

Things People Hardly Know About India
India is a country that likes to take things to a whole different level but this is insanely wonderful.

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