Christmas is just around the corner, most of you have full of plans. But there are bunch out who are wondering what to do this Christmas. So, here are a few things you can do this Christmas.

  1. Go back to your old school.

These days partying are too main stream. Why not going and meeting old school friends or may plan something with old school friends or if you are lucky to enough to study in Catholic Missionary school then you and your school friends can meet up in your school itself and enjoy Christmas in school church and relive your school days.

  1. A simple day with family

Now-a-days whenever there’s a occasion we always go out with our friends or for some of us we live too far from family that we hardly meet them on vacation. So, why not we spend our Christmas with family in a very simple way. You can just do simple things to make your Christmas happening. Just wake up early make morning tea and breakfast for your family and surprise them. Help your mom and dad for lunch and other household chores and in evening get some good food by yourself for them. A Christmas well spent is done.

  1. Meeting a Tinder friend

Okay, this is now little tricky. You have to be very careful in this case. This Christmas you can go for a blind date with someone from Tinder but make sure that girl or guy is safe one. Then you can just meet them over a cup of coffee or lunch or dinner. Then if it goes well, you can be friends or even more. J

  1. Go for a trip

In this case you can opt for both solo trip or trip with your very close friends or it can be with your family too. Just may be a short trip to a near-by destination. Just you can go and come back. Get some good pictures too and enjoy to the fullest.

  1. Read a old book from your parents/uncle’s/aunt’s or grandparents collection

I do agree our gen writers are really good. But just grab a book from your older family member and read it, you will surely enjoy because their gen writers are the writers from whom our gen writers got inspired. I swear your Christmas will be well spent because after you complete reading you and your dear one will have a wonderful conversation on the book.

  1. Sleep

For lazy bunch this is something you’ll enjoy. Its winter too, just get your blanket and pillow and go into deep-peaceful sleep and you can sleep for the whole day. Enjoy your sleep peeps…

7. Be a secret Santa

Just like Santa brings happiness to us, you can be someone’s Santa too. But it will be more fun if you can be the secret Santa. This person can be anyone your friend or your parents or your sibling or your cousin. If you want go little different, then just get some gifts go to your near-by footpath or fly-over and keep the gifts near the street children with a message and they will wake up with a beautiful smile next day or you can go to your nearby chai shops and give the ‘chotus’ their gifts. This will give happiness to both you and others too.

So, people I try these ways to enjoy your Christmas. I assure you’ll remember this Christmas for sure if you try these.

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