These days at certain points we all feel so hopeless in life that we either feel cutting ourselves off from rest of the world or we start feeling frustrated. So, to get rid of these issues here are some ways that might help to feel happy and forget this feeling of hopelessness.

  1. Listen to some good music


When you feel hopeless and depressed, there can be a quick remedy to it. Just get your headphones or earplugs, plug it to your mobile or music player, open your playlist, select your favourite songs and play them in a sequence. Then, you will suddenly feel all your frustration flying away with the lyrics of the songs.

2. Share your feelings


We feel lonely at the time when we feel hopeless. It is best to share our feelings at such times. It might be that you are alone at home and no one is nearby to talk. At such situation, just call your bestie and let it go…. if necessary let your tears out…

3. Talk to a stranger


It is very weird but it works. Just go to a random cafe or to a park, just meet any random person and talk about all random stuffs and make sure you never meet him/her again. It will work for sure….

4. Write your feelings down.


This always works for me. Just get your diary or a sheet of paper and pen and write down all your feelings. It might contain some harsh words but that’s okay. After writing everything, you feel so relieved. Sometimes your these writings can be best compositions.

5. Dance


Dance is the other way to relax. Just play your favourite dance number and let your body moves. Those moves will let your all low feelings out and you will start feeling rejuvenated.

6. Hot shower and sleep.


It is the easiest one. Take a deep breath, go into our bathroom, and take a hot relaxing shower. Then come out, pamper yourself with all your body care lotions you need and then your pyjamas and loose T-shirt and go to a deep sleep. When you wake up, you are all fresh.

7. Some ‘Me’ Time


This is very important to de-toxicate your feeling of hopelessness and the best process ever. Just go on a date with yourself or may be go on a solo trip or may be sometime alone in your favourite place. Do all your favourite things but with only in the company of yourself. No one else should be included. You can even go to an place you always wanted to go in case you are thinking of place where you will go to travel.

These above steps really work. Just try these out. It will help for sure. ☺

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