1) Breaking Bad….

Don’t tell me you won’t like to see what happens when a normal chemistry teacher, who’s facing death, goes BAD. This series is a delight to your eyes, ears and mind. A masterpiece.
Just know you should answer when he says “SAY MY NAME”.

2) Game to Thrones….

Well i’m pretty sure even i you haven’t watched this series, sure as hell you’ve heard about it.
THE NORTH REMEMBERS, LANNISTERS PAY THEIR REGARDS and more, all come from this series.
A friendly advice though, if you start watching this series, then just don’t get emotionally attached with any particular character. Reason? You’ll know that.


Let’s lighten up the mood now. FRIENDS, a SITCOM you’ll just love. When it’ll end you’ll stay in bed for days, crying and cursing directors for not continuing the series.

4) How I met your Mother….

Well, we have another SITCOM in the pack for you. Actually it’s not a straight up SITCOM and has a beautiful story which runs along. This series has the potential to make you laugh like a child and then cry as a baby.

5) Pitchers….

YES, we have a local show too in our list. Although there are only 5 episodes till now, a total play time of around 5 hours, but it’s a magic.

6) Sherlock Homes….

You think you know yourself? yes, you know you coz you are you, right? So, it won’t be wrong to say that you know yourself the most, right? WRONG! Give this man 2 seconds to study you and you’ll be an open book.

7) Mr. Robot….

This is about computer hacking. Enough said.

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