Weirdest Japanese Game Shows


1. do you know your candy?

This Japanese game show challenge participants to identify objects that
may or may not be candy once they’ve given their choice they must have a
taste for Corey suites pay type of Japanese candy can be molded into
realistic looking objects such as picture frames and shoes.

2. wet and wild gets better.
wet@7tintThe game is centered on a very simple and interesting task the
middle aged participant has to slide over a row of oily slick bikini-clad
women course the man is also covered in lube a pretty simple task that can be
quite entertaining.

3. Gaki No Tsukai
gazi@7TINTGaki No Tsukai is a Japanese variety game show and was launched in 1989 it has over a thousand episodes and is broadcast weekly the name literally translates as not meant for kids. Its regular and supporting cast as well as recurring guest on. The show Gaki No Tsukai is hosted by a popular comedian duo it has many games including one that
requires contestants to recite absurd tongue twisters and failure leads to a
whack on the testicles and the other is The butt in-your-face trivia show that’s right every time the contestant gets an answer wrong he gets butted in the face.