I reinstalled facebook after 2 months of inactivity as I was so much obsessed with my fingers which rushed to free my cellphone from the lock and helped me a lot in wasting my precious time. Hah!!!

You might be wondering what special I did after I got freedom!!!

Well, I talked!!!


Yeah you heard it right!!!

I talked to the people I know about their life and you know what they felt HEARD!!!


It is absolutely free to provide a person a sense of belongingness. You just have to have a little patience. I felt it personally. One of my friend called randomly and I was filled with joy. I started with my own pace and she listened to me till the end.

What a brave girl she is!!! I understand now why she isn’t responding on whatsapp!!!

Jokes Apart, I felt that something heavy moved away off my chest merely talking to a person whom I know. I then realized how important it is for a person to be a listener first and then a speaker because once you listen carefully, first is you understand completely, second is you convey a deep sense of belongingness to that person which in many cases have proven to be a best and natural antidepressant. On the top of it, it solves many disputes because in this case it will be to find out “What is right” instead of “Who is right”. But then again “Patience is the key”.

What exactly happening is we listen to reply, not to understand.

Everywhere this problem is prevalent. I won’t call it a problem though, it is just a concept which people fail to understand or rather they don’t want to. They think the other way. They believe that they have to be an authoritarian. Well, if the person dear to you is gone, whom you will have your authority over? And what’s the need of authority here, I don’t understand because I personally believe relations require special nurturing and efforts from both ends. They die when balance is out.

From my incident I felt, one actually spreads happiness by shedding off few weights off the person and when you do it sincerely, things really move smoothly.

Think over it!!!

But you need to talk to yourself first before you understand this concept!!!


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