This letter is written by an Indian Muslim. An Indian Muslim who faces a weird look whenever people look at him in a long beard and a religious cap. He, who struggles to get a high paying job because he has a long beard, he is a man, who faces hatred from the people of his country whenever there is a terrorist attack somewhere in the world. He who gets thoroughly checked whenever he wants to board a flight or lands in a Western country.

This is a letter he wrote for the people of his country, which goes as follows:


The people of my country

Dear readers,

I am a Muslim and I want to convey this message to all the people of my country who think that Muslims are terrorists. To the people who think that Islam is terrorism.

As Allah says in Quran, Chapter 5, and Verse 32:

“If anyone who killed an innocent person, it will be as if he killed the whole mankind and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of whole mankind.”

I want you all to understand that Islam is totally against killing innocent people. Allah has ordered us to do good to even those who are doing badly to you. Islam has always been a religion of peace and if some people with guns in their hand say that they are taught to kill people for saving Islam, they are WRONG!!

Islam needs no saving by them. Islam has flourished throughout the world and will always continue to do so. Islam is alive, will always remain alive in the hearts of people who live their life with peace brotherhood and humanity. People with guns and who kill innocent people are terrorists. They are terrorists, not Muslims. And we Muslims want peace.

Please stop treating us like terrorists. We respect you and want to live in a society created on the base of brotherhood and harmony. We Muslims are Indians too and our prophet has always advised us to remain loyal to the country, asked us to always remain ready to sacrifice our lives for the country.

We don’t want war,
We don’t want fight,
We want brotherhood,
We want love,
We want PEACE….

  – An Indian Muslim