It is a single thought which leads to a conclusion.

Grow a plant by sowing a seed


To cut down a tree whose stems are broadened to the sky.


It is a single thought which makes

An individual to raise their arms of friendship


Breaks out the heart of another individual with word-bullets.


A single thought where it leads

An individual to move in a path withconfidence and thereby be successful


Let the personto fall into the deep valley of depression and be lost.


And it is that one thought which

Gives a clarified explanation of right and wrong with a showcase of hope and fake


Throws us into a state of confusion where we can’t come out with.


If flow of thoughts is like a flow of River ‘GANGA’ then the life of a person stands as an inspiration to others





If the flow of thoughts is like wastage in a garbage and likea ‘drainage’ then the person will be a mercilessmonster and stands as an exact meaning of cruelty.


So dear individual, just have a thought whether to be on a righteous path and stand as an inspiration to others OR to be in a uncontent path where there will be no emotions, no feelings, no bond, no humanity etc.


Everything is in our hand, the way we think is the way we are…