Ab Imo Pectore

I am leaving..

Do not come looking for me

because you will never find me.

Today, you made me realize

that I am a nobody and

that I mean nothing to you at all.

I have had enough of this worthless life.

If ever my dead body comes in the

newspaper with the plea of identification, just ignore.

Erase every memory you have of me.

Make it seem that I never existed.

You never have and never will understand me.
You are prejudiced.

I cannot bear to live with you anymore.
It is very suffocating.

Each day I am dying a slow death
being with you,

enduring your wrath.

I want to make a clean exit.
You say, I have defamed you.

Well I promise you that I won’t be any trouble anymore.

I have lost everything in life.

I have no family, no friends and am all alone..
The love is gone.

All my hopes have perished.

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