That day he was taking his class, Female Portrait was the topic. He thought of trying or experimenting a new trick. “Today we shall paint a portrait of a female, but before doing so we’ll have to link a connection between each of us so that the thread woven between our emotions can create a single same picture on the canvas. So are you all ready?” There was a silence. Suddenly everybody thought, how is it possible? “Why it isn’t? Everything is possible, if you want it so. I’ll give u the full description of the portrait and everybody, ponder on everybody has to paint the same painting on the canvas, the same portrait. So let’s begin.”

“…..light brown flawless hair, light blue, magnificent eyes, impeccable bloodlines over the neck, flawless, beautiful, mesmerizing smile…….” Ashish kept on describing her beauty and charm and the class patiently listened to him. “She is wearing a long one piece, baby pink coloured, and her smile causing dimples in her cheek.” After describing fully, the students started working on their canvas and he stood gazing at them for some time. Suddenly he started visualizing a blurred glimpse of the image he just described to his students as if something from his past was overcoming his present thoughts.

Suddenly he skips his way among his imaginations. The running world, the chaotic streets, the here and there going mob and the light piercing through all of it. Suddenly the gate opens. He walks out. The place is so calm. Suddenly the chaos and the cars all are gone. Just he can see an old nun on the streets, the old church and old huge bungalow. He for sometime just stands and analyses the bungalow. Suddenly he can see something moving inside. He moves towards the backyard of the bungalow. And to his surprise the backdoor was open.

There was a lantern burning in the room. And in the light of the lantern he could see her face, the same image again staring back at him but he could not understand what in the world did she find so funny. But he still keeps on looking at her as if like a deep ocean, a deep thought that one never wants to leave. That girl flawlessly giggling and laughing at something he doesn’t know what but yes, She doesn’t care too. An unknown face, in a very deserted place, Ashish is shocked what is she doing there? Ashish keeps staring at her as if someone watches a river flowing, in its own rhythm that provides someone an eternal bliss. And that girl so lost in herself, that she doesn’t even cares for any one’s presence. She is murmuring an old tune. Suddenly Ashish hits something fallen on the floor and the rhythm of the song breaks and the girls gets scared and obnoxious. And all of sudden out of blue that face just vanishes away in the light of the burning lantern.

Ashish tries hard to search for her every where he could. Behind the old stairs. Inside the bungalow, in all rooms but he couldn’t find her. All of a sudden he catches a glimpse of something running outside, that same old skirt, she runs away in front of her, outside in the sun. He runs behind her. But she is lost again. Nobody is outside now. That same old church, the old wooden gate and the same old traffic. Outside everything were pretty much normal and the students were just painting in their same rhythm. He just looks at his students and takes a deep breath and just picks up his brush and take some colour from the palette and starts painting something on his canvas. Without even stopping he just wants to finish the painting in one single breath. As if something is pricking him inside to just finish it up. The colours of the canvas were overcoming his heart, his soul and his emotions. It took him not more than 10 minutes to finish the portrait of his dream girl rather the girl of his nightmare. As if he wanted to live the moment of his past through the canvas he painted.

For everybody else it was just an imagination but for him it was a question of his life, of his past. Who was the girl in his dreams? Why was she there? Did anything happen in his past or past life that is related to his present? All these questions were troubling him.

10 minutes later after finishing his painting he looked back at his students. The whole class was submerged in pin drop silence and was just staring at him as if seen a ghost. Next moment he could hear was applause. From the time he pictured her on the canvas, he knew that he has been witness to the incident, to the girl somewhere in his life in some form. She is beyond imagination. It was last day of his class and he was teaching in same rhythm. All of sudden he was struck by a memory from his past. Something struck him as a part of his memories at that moment of time where he stood awestruck in the middle of his lecture.

…….to be continued