Once upon a time in a place called ‘Nowhere’ there lived a 7 year old boy named ‘Nobody’. He was very decent and well behaved kid, One day Nobody’ overheard his seniors at school talk about sex, he did not understand much about what they were talking on, he headed straight to his class teacher and asked her “ Ma’am what is sex?” On hearing that question from him his teacher immediately shouted for the students who were talking about sex and punished them sorely before him.

After Nobody’ was back to home from school, he asked his parents the same question, on hearing him they instantly chided on him for asking such questions and mentioned him firmly that it’s an evil thing to ask such questions and took his word that he will never again see, utter or hear any evil as Gandhi ji suggested.

Nobody’ being an obedient child of his parents, never again did see, utter or hear evil. Years passed by and never did Nobody’ break his word. Finally! to end this story, Let us get our Nobody’ married to a beautiful girl, and with the dusk smelling jasmines in a room with smoking candles Nobody’ is left alone with his wife. No one watching, his wife moved towards him grabbing him by collar and came closer to kiss, In no time Nobody’ slapped her and said promise me that you will never see, hear, speak or DO evil.

As in view of all the conservative Indian parents, if no Indian child is talking about adult content or watching porn, then I question why did not they remain like our innocent Nobody’ who wasn’t aware about what he was actually expected to do that night, He never knew it only because he was obedient enough to his parents and never saw, spoke, hear or QUESTION evil’. Everyone literally is aware that there lived no Nobody’ ever. We do talk about sex, adolescence, puberty. It is a basic query of a human being which has to be answered by someone at least before he gets married.

As an Indian, I know what it is like for majority of us to talk about sex in public, Ok! That’s a shy thing to do even with our best friends (Maybe not for many in today’s generation). ‘Sex’ which is merely a basic human need (desire actually for many) today, is also the most ignored and less discussed about social element.

Sex education has become a taboo in our society with most of our people feeling it as not only shameful but also an evil thing to talk and discuss about, some people even fear of consulting a doctor in private to discuss about their hesitations and problems in adolescence (which can sometimes develop into serious health and lifestyle issues later). Many recent reports also revealed that because of not having perfect awareness about sex lifestyle, can cause people to act in a way which may lead to many deadly incidents including cases of rape and molestation.

I have a sister studying abroad, when I asked her about how people over there react to her being an Indian, She said when someone mentions India as their nationality to the foreign people, they often end up answering questions about Nirbhaya case. (The first thought they get when someone mentions India as their country) (Ok! we are popular for some reason) Well! Even though they will have to feel shameful to say (confess) that the boy who was proven guilty for that creepy crime which is a nightmare for many Indians today, is proven innocent by our Law and Order stating that he is a juvenile and that was an act which took place in his subconscious knowledge or innocence.

In that case, here is my bid to the mighty Indian Law and Order, why don’t you introduce a special act to make them conscious about the crime they are committing under the name juveniles, why don’t you introduce a subject in their school syllabus teaching them how to behave with the opposite sexes and how to deal with their violent emotions and tantrums.

The nation should not merely face a condition where children will have to google their hesitancies about puberty on internet, many of my friends told me that they only came to know what a sexual intercourse between a male and female actually be like from some stinky porn sites. So please my dear conservative society which is firing at the very sound of sex education and seeing it as a social evil, don’t just leave us to choose a porn site or Google to clear our confusions on adolescence, puberty and sex of course those sources cannot always offer to give a moral and fair explanation, and please while doing this don’t say that Indian youth is spoiled and being immoral.

Better take the blame on yourself for them being so criminal in thoughts and instincts related especially to sex, Sex education is not merely about a couple making love, it teaches a person how he is supposed to behave and cope up with the situation when he is driven with violent feelings and let them become capable of taking decisions in amoral way related to sex, lacking which has become the main reasons today behind many juvenile rape cases we come across almost all every day in news papers.

The national media had already opened their doors for this serious issue to be sought out but the main step would be that when our Government takes an initiative along with schools and families making them believe in educating their children about different kinds of issues on their fears and problems especially in their adolescence and making them capable of moral decision making in crucial points of life.

Maybe majority of readers for this blog are still in an awkward sense of feeling somewhere inside dragging them behind to rethink weather all this can be really prove good to the society or should it be hidden under the carpets forever like we Indians always did.

Subhash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Dr. A.P.J. Kalam and many others who were all very well settled in their career and academics and had no complains with life as far as concerned to their own family and kids, and only if they never thought about their nation and society they would have grown much more in life professionally, and we would have never got a chance today to walk so comfortably on the way they have laid for us at the stake of their own comforts.

Well now it’s time for us all to make a move, start sharing information about lifestyle sex problems spreading awareness on importance of sex education though you may not get any support from anyone. You don’t need publicity to uncover the most deadly fear of the country, you don’t always get a perfect path to make your journey through, in such case instead of compromising your journey through a whatever kind of path you see, you can just stop travelling life for a while and start making more perfect and moral path that you think is more suitable for the society, so that the travellers behind you can easy their journey through it and can also make out some time to develop and make the path brighter that you’ve already led them into.


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