How gratifying it is when the first drop of rain touches the ground. The miraculous feel after the globules of rain fall onto the soil and spawns the most heavenly smell in the entire nature. The calming petrichor gives me a reason I overcome dysania and wake up in the morning. It gives me hope that after every sunset there is a beautiful moon, after every autumn there is a spring, after every fall there is a rise and after every rain there is a sensational wind! The tempest creates a fear but the relief comes only after the fear ends with the end of the terrific tempest.

I await not just the rain, but the mesmerizing effects of it. The Almighty showers his love on us disguised as rain and it has a long lasting effect that of the colorful rainbow and the petrichor! Isn’t it more tranquilizing to sit on a chair with a cup of coffee and love of your life, to capture the existence of the best form of weather. Clouds burst themselves and precipitates for us, for the soil, for the trees.. to reborn, not just once but every year when July begins. July is a month of joy when the roads aren’t dry, when the birds don’t die because of thirst and when the kids have holidays to play all day. Rain makes sure not to dismay the mankind after it stops, it thus leaves its fragrance all over the environment.

Not to forget the rainbow, it makes me think out of box for the number of solutions I can derive for a problem or the number of new opportunities that awaits me after I overcome my weaknesses. Every shade of the rainbow signifies a solution and an opportunity to do something. The rainbow can be seen only for a while after the rain, which means opportunities also stay for a while, and these are to be recognized before its too late.

So do not say rain, rain go away, let it wash the pain of yesterday because everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.


  1. Many bollywood hindi songs and poems have been composed on rains and its feelings during the season …… Rains have multidimensional effect …. Its boon for farmers,life for birds and animals ,romance for couples, fragrance for air, replenishment for dried up rivers and so on ……… Flow of ur thoughts in the article is like quenching the thirsrt of an avid reader …. Try to cover other shades of rainy season too because ur language truly flows like the waves of a cool and calm river

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