Udacity…… I am sure some might have heard this name first time.

But don’t worry!  I will tell you about this. It’s something new.

Udacity, a university by industry. They are building an online university by Silicon Valley.

They teach the skills that industry employers need today. It delivers credentials endorsed by employers.

It was born out of a Stanford university experiment. They offered their courses online to anyone, anywhere .

I think it is best for today’s generation for college students. As it provides featured programs like data analyst, vr developer and many other interesting programs.

Wide-ranging vocational classes, particularly in programming and computer science. Paid programs include coaching, standardized feedback, and verified certificates.

The lectures are engaging. The exercises are at an appropriate level of difficulty and are well-motivated. Each of the five projects you’ll complete as part of the nanodegree is interesting, instructive, and would make a good addition to a GitHub portfolio.

You can also learn to develop apps. Yes it’s true you can. You can learn java programming. You can learn python, develop android, web page design.

Their mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging and highly effective higher education to world. For this site you can learn a lot of things online.

If you are a technical student, a B-TECH student then you should visit this once.

So if you are interested n this and want to learn something then just go to their site.i.e. www.udacity.com

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