The First Scene

In a room.

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The room is extremely messy, clothes and magazines are lying huddled up in one corner. There is an
empty can of diet Coke lying beside the mouse pad and judging by the sticky liquid spread over it, one can easily infer it being the Coke itself. The walls are decorated with the pictures of a kid celebrating an achievement or two. There is only one window…


And the door swings open, (Enter Boy)

The boy who has entered the room is skinny and is probably in his late-teens and looks pretty similar to the boy on the pictures (lot less happy though).

BOY[angrily]: Damn! Where have I kept the parchment!?

He walked to the dusty cabinet and started to rummage the contents. BOY[elated]: There you are!

With a swift movement of his hand he took out the roll of parchment and while doing so knocked over his 6th grade first prize and slammed the cabinet shut without the slightest regard for it.

BOY[muttering]: skrillex,skrillex, skrillex…….aaah BANGARANG…repeat!

As the loud beats started to fill the room, he swayed forward, seated himself on a chair and carefully took out certain granules from his pocket and started rolling it.

2 hours later….

Everything has slowed down, the music feels way too loud, and every single beat is at least a minute long.

His ached shoulder has miraculously improved over two hours and he feels as if he is levitating.

He realises that he is very hungry and reaches out for his ruck sack amidst the thick smoke to grab a chocolate bar and a bottled drink; he notices  each bubble with concentration rapt and the different colourful geometric shapes that were forming along with it!

He snapped the bar into half and took a bite….

BOY[on top of the world, speaks very slowly]: Gar firdaus bar-rue zamin ast, hami asto, hamin asto, hamin ast.

He felt as if he was the richest man on earth flying on top of the mountains! (Exit Boy)

The Second Scene

A street

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Enter KID1, KID 2 and others

KID1[running excitedly]: Pass the ball! Will you now? KID2: There you go……

(Enter MAN)

The kID2 puts forward a delicate lob over the head of two defenders and the kid1 meets it with his head…

the ball doesn’t go into the net, instead it hits the man who was on his phone behind the bar post! It hits him on the head and he falls to the ground unable to maintain his balance…

MAN[surprised]; Oi! Watch it!

KID1[running forward]: Sorry sir! Please excuse us! MAN: Okay, lemme play will yeah?

(Appear BOY)

The boy is watching all this from the window in his room, he is not seeing shapes anymore…rather he is absolutely in his senses, he is feeling a strong sense of déjà vu but can’t understand how!

He sees the elderly man, high in spirits enjoying a game of football with the local lads and starts to lament

Once he was a jolly little fellow just like the KID but then his life rolled into a joint and smoked all the happiness away.

Now he is another addict on the block in desperate need of rehab.

As the sun was setting he could see the kids leave the field alongwith the man, but they( KID1 and the man) were headed towards his house and he had no clue why, they reached his house and rang the door bell at the same time…

Something strange happened then, he saw everthying split into two, one black and white and one in colour,

He could see two doors for instance, one in black and white and the other in colour, it had split! BOY[bewildered]: What is this madness!!!?

BUT HE! Was at the middle, half of his body had a black shade and the other the normal flesh tint! YES! HE WAS STUCK BETWEEN HIS PAST AND FUTURE….

The man and the kid entered his room at once… enraged at his sight they screamed at the top of their voice which had a magnetic quality to it… the innocence had vanished from their faces and their eyes had gone absolutely black!

KID1: YOU!! I told you not to visit me again, you destroyed me , I could have won another prize that year, but you didn’t let me! You made me a monster!


MAN: YOU! She left me because of you, I was a good guy you know! ,look at him(he points to the kid), such a lovely little fellow! You dragged me into the dungeons! I have worked very hard to get rid of you! I will tarry with you no longer!


The Boy felt as if someone was hammering 9 inch nails into his head, he felt heavy and dizzy, the scene started to whirl and the voices became more muffled, the colours started to mix…someone pushed him and he started to fall!

BOY:[thursting his hand and feet in mid air to prevent him from falllingh]NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Thud!!!!!! [Exeunt]

The third Scene

The Hospital

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A huge shock woke the boy up!

DOCTOR [with a stern voice]: Welcome Back mister! You have pulled off a miracle! So, Why did you exactly wanted to kill yourself?

BOY[examining his surroundings]: I didn’t want to kill myself doctor, I wanted to kill the part of me that wants to kill myself!

DOCTOR[sighing]:As of now all I can say is that take medicines and follow whatever I tell you to do! as the doctor prepared to leave the ICU the boy called him again

BOY[earnestly]: I can’t hear those voices anymore, who will I talk to ? DOCTOR[with a smirk on his face]: ME!

[Exeunt] THE END

DIRECTOR[eagerly]: So ,what do you think about the script for the play?

ACTOR: Well its good but will last 2 hours? Will the audience like it? There are just too many questions!

DIRECTOR[angrily]; I’ll take it as a NO then!

The renowned director left the actor’s house at once.

Now he has decided that he will play the lead role in his autobiography.

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