Humans are best known to get their minds used and to get things done. One essential trait they carry (most of them) is socialism. Although we have a team working day and night for this new paradigm of ours, we would be pleased if people from different domains having different and versatile expertise join us.

This is a platform, an Indian one, that virtually covers each and every thought a human mind could think off. You can visit our “About us” page by clicking here. We are indulged in finding and interacting with new people for every single strand of space-time continuum passing by, finding some special borns who possess some pre-requisites that we demand from the writers in them. This ‘them’ can include you, if you are :

  1. Awesome
  2. Creative
  3. Aware
  4. Laid-back yet witty
  5. Insane about your interests
  6. A rugged product of reproduction process
  7. On a mission to change this goddamn world

If these 7 traits are infused in you, come, come we call you, write for us, write, for the whole world is there to read what’s inside that biggie mind of yours.

You can mail your stuff at editor@7tint.com. The writer in you will be paid, in appropriate terms, period.

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From the Origin of time many rise and fall like winter weeds, My identity could not be revealed by anyone, My identity could only be revealed if you know me well. There isn't any great mystery about me. What I do is glamorous and has an awful lot of white-hot attention placed on it. But the actual work requires the same discipline and passion as any job you love doing, be it as a very good pipe fitter or a highly creative artist.