With the development of new pesticides to combat insects and other microbial organisms in food, the possibility of these highly toxic chemicals harming the humans have increased. From sugar, dhal and rice to fruits, vegetables and spinach, everything is processed. The food that we consume daily consists of high degree of toxic chemicals to enhance the color or to keep out the insects or other organisms.


In order to avoid these kinds of pesticides soaked food, many people have turned to find their solution in organic food. But the real question is ‘Are organic food really healthy?’

A researcher in a study about organic food at the Stanford University said, “Some believe that organic food is always healthier and more nutritious. We were a little surprised that we didn’t find that.”


Indeed, organic food was found to have 30% less pesticides than the conventional food, but it also points out that there is a certain amount of the usual chemicals in organic food. Also there was no trace of any increase in nutritional value of the organic food. There is no concrete proof to show that mass produced organic food are better than the usual ones.

Organic food is twice the cost of the normal food. Before we burn a hole in our pockets, let’s just take into consideration the cases, where normal food was sold as organic food. Furthermore, there seems to be no proven benefits in the organic food.


Instead of relying on the organic food produced in a mass scale by the same person, who also produces the conventional food, why not we cultivate our own food, so that we can be sure of what we eat? Yes, there are some who really does their work in producing pesiticide-free healthy food. But there is no strong reason to believe the authenticity of the majority of organic food and if really does makes a difference. Let’s cross our fingers and wait for researchers to find something to helps us with. Till then, let us cultivate our own organic food and stay healthy!