A common notion that sticks with engineers or upcoming engineers is that they are incapable of love, that most of them would prefer and easily clear 4th semester backlog rather than understand the subject of Love.  The internet also has its share in the hierarchy of categorizing the relationship status of Boys with respect to their branch. So our poor Mech. and Civil branch boys mostly remains devoid of the presence of the opposite gender all these years and remains happily(not sure) secluded in their world of cigarettes and inter branch brawls ; while the IT, CS branch guys never fail to update their weekly ‘Masti Time’ pic  with their unisex group.

At the end of these 4 years as a Civil engineering hostel student, I wouldn’t admit to have finally unlocked the secret to a girls heart,  but living all these years in a hostel with people from almost the whole of India has showed me how an engineer falls in love…..and with whom.

 Uh! Confused? Chill…Read On!

The “Excuse me, where is B-Block ? ” 1st year

Just a few days away have passed since we left our beloved houses(or should I say “Home”?) and joined this whole new world, most of the fresher students tends to stay timid, unsure about the surrounding , whom to trust, what to do, etc. Even after noticing that beautiful salwar-clad girl, or that cute specked guy; there are exceptions but we rarely see love stories blooming from the fresher year itself. As the second sem. draws to an end, students feel at love with their new surroundings, hostel life, the kathi roll stand, the newly formed football team, the watchmen who smuggles cigarettes at midnight etc. Yes, we engineers are contended with whatever little we get!

The “Aye teri Bhabi hai woh !” 2nd year

I guess the above line itself summarized life in 2nd year. Suddenly, the busiest person in the world is Cupid. His arrows flying carelessly in every direction and it’s only a matter of time before two people become his target. 2nd year is the year of Love, Romance, Heart breaks for everyone. Ice cream stand, juice points, those small dark alleys in the campus is no longer empty. Unlimited night packs, Skype calls, buying teddies for the first time for someone, love and romance becomes a 24 hrs continuous supply for the newbie.  Even if some boys are spared from Cupids arrow, but almost everyone falls in love with that ‘Extremely hot and impossible girl’ at least once.  It is also the year where we get to know a lot of people, and bonds are formed. Mass bunking classes to go for movies, getting drunk and entering hostel, long bike rides with friends for the usual ‘Chai-Sutta’; the sophomore year is the one where maximum new memories are created which we would cherish forever.

The “Aaj assignment koi submit nahi karega” 3rd year

Two years already down, two more to go. 3rd year students sense that ‘almost senior’ feeling, and also act like one. One thing I have noticed is the increase for the Love of the country, or the place from where we belong. The patriotic feeling inside everyone is at full peak, and u can easily spot conversations (debates actually) regarding home states, India, independence in every alternate room. Political sentiments are also at rise, as most of the society leaders are 3rd year students. Although there are some die-hard Romeos who continue their love tales, but a decrease in the number of couples is also noticed. I wouldn’t say love, but a nice connection is sometimes formed with our favorite teacher, the hostel warden, watchmen etc. Since most of the time goes on presentations, exams, viva; the 3rd year consists mainly of copying assignments from others, rather than writing love stories on our own.

The “Forever and ever, we stay together” 4th year

With less than 3 months left, a saddening feeling has already enveloped me while I write this paragraph. On reaching the end months, students feel an attachment towards everything that they have been using or staying in for so long. The Mess Food doesn’t feel bland anymore, the hostel bed suddenly feels a lot cosy, and people generally become extra sensitive towards their friends. Parties happen in abundant, almost every night in one room or another. The society and branch farewells organised by juniors also start; a good rapport as an older bro./friend also develops with the junior branch from the last 3 years. Overall, it is a nostalgic period and just like in the beginning; once again we are in love with everything.