You would’ve heard people saying that their girl friend or their bad friend is their good luck charm. For some people, it would be either their father or mother, or sister or brother. Sometimes, it is an article which would be a good luck charm. My life never had anything called a good luck charm. I’ve never cherished anything in my life, and I’ve got none in my life, who was prominent enough to be my good luck charm. On the other hand, it had something called the bad luck charm.

I was wondering for a long while, who on earth was my bad luck charm, for just out of precaution, I would stay away from them. I tried throwing away all my well cherished articles, just hoping that my bad luck charm would go away from me, but at last nothing happened. I decided to move away from people who I cherished in my life, fearing that the might be the bad luck charm of my life, but still nothing happened. My life became destructive. None was by my side, and everything I tried became a failure. My life, grew devastating more and more. Sorrow started to overtake me, and all I could see was my life breaking up into pieces.

My dreams got shattered, but still I didn’t manage to figure out where my bad luck charm was. People who I tired to befriend, simply left me all alone, and they said if they were with me, they couldn’t have fun. They said that I am not their type. It was only then, that I discovered that I was the bad luck charm. It was me, who was the sole reason behind my failure. It was me who caused all the confusion of life. It simply shattered my confidence. I lost my self esteem. I am not who I was. And now, standing in a lonely garden, I am searching me, the one who was simply awesome, the one, who was on her best, the one, who was unbeatable. But, I couldn’t find me. I am lost. I am the lost bad luck charm.