It is difficult to respond positively to the trailer of a film whose first three letters are BAD, followed by the word Dull (Pun intended). Yes, the much awaited (well, if you want to say) trailer of Dharma Productions’ latest film just released this afternoon and it was anything but breathtaking and mesmerizing.

Three reasons why the trailer of BADRINATH KI DULHANIA fails to strike a chord.


When was the last time Dharma Productions made something refreshingly original and surprisingly innovative? Kapoor and Sons, you might say, or even Dear Zindagi. That’s about it. They’ve recycled the same formula and portrayed it on the screen to a sickening degree.

The question is- Where does this take a halt?


KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, KAL HO NA HO, KANK and the recently released ADHM, all had one common factor. Any guesses ? The monotonous song situations. And BADRINATH is no different. Each of these films have one peppy dance number, shot entirely in a disco, and one wedding song more expensive than the budget of most Hindi films. To add woes to our worries, yet another yesteryear chart-buster has inspired our makers. The Tamma Tamma song, that plays almost throughout the trailer, is perhaps one of the only few redeeming qualities it has to offer. But are we running out of original ideas?


Varun Dhawan surely has a pleasing screen presence, some effortless dance movies and not to forget that well-chiseled body. There’s only one problem- Repetition. Be it DILWALE or DISHOOM or even his second outing as an actor, MAIN TERA HERO, he’s trying to be someone he’s not. His imitations (perhaps, unintentional) of legendary and iconic Govinda is not only restraining him to explore and expand his horizons as an actor but also inviting quite a few brickbats. The trailer starts and ends with his hyperactive energy but that style of dialogue delivery and mannerisms scream the aforementioned star in almost every frame.

Let’s hope we receive a better film than the trailer. All we have to do is wait for the 10th of March.


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