Now that we have reached midway summer, my Facebook and Instagram walls were filled with people showing off their perfect “beach bodies”, which they achieved after lots of tedious workout sessions and sacrificing delicious, mouth-watering food whilst sticking to green veggies. Nevertheless, it’s their life and their choices. But one thing that irks me — such people mostly take a dig at other people’s lifestyles; especially obese and fat people…and this is where Body Shaming comes into the picture.


I myself belong to the category of people who have been body-shamed throughout their life. Trust me folks, no one chooses voluntarily to be on this side of the line. People may gain weight due to a lot of reasons – unhealthy eating habits, stress, lack of exercise, binge eating. When people gain weight they never realize that it’s happening…. And when that favorite dress of yours ain’t perfect for you anymore…that’s when your nightmare starts. When this happened to me, I was traumatized. All I did was just savor different flavours of food, have fun with my friends and enjoy life, but such a big punishment for it !!


I immediately made resolutions to lose that excess weight off my waist. So I started hitting off the gym. And there goes all my confidence and motivation into the drain when skinny girls all around me come to me and say – “Yaar, main kitnimoti ho gayi…… Patahaimera waist 26 se 28 ho gayahai!! My life is finished!! Ab mera boyfriend mujhe dump kardega… Waise tum kyun gym aayi ho? Ye sab tumsenahi ho payega….jaake mango milkshake piyomoti…”Listening to all this…..I just feel like shouting at the top of my voice “Firstly, you are trying to do something for yourself…no one’s stopping you; So you can simply let me do what I wanna do and mind our own business……And secondly, dump that moron who is with you for your outer beauty, you deserve much better…… And thirdly, thanks a ton for crushing my self-esteem to million pieces!! “


I’m very sure all the par- line people reading this article must have faced this situation. If you haven’t, you are really lucky as you have a supportive atmosphere around you. And specially with girls, Indian parents keep on pestering their daughters – “ sharmajikibetikodekho, kitnigoriaursundarhai….tumhebhiuskitarahbannachahiye, warnashaadikaunkaregatumse? “  Again to such people I would like to point out that every person has something special that Sharmaji’s daughter or son doesn’t have. As parents you should motivate them but not criticize them for the way your kids look. Looks are something which tends to change over age, but it’s the ideologies, mindset and inner beauty of the person that makes her what she is. Is it that difficult for the society to understand such a simple thing?

body shaming 2

According to statistical reports, a majority of women in the world are body – shamed. They are criticized and made fun of for the way they look… Sometimes, you do not talk or socialize with a person in a party just because they are UGLY…..I would like to ask such people….what have you achieved being so plastic…… Popularity? Success? Or a good bunch of plastic friends?

All of this needs to stop right away…..People are to be brought out of the misconception of ‘white and skinny is beautiful’. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes….. and a person should be judges by the beauty of the soul.

And lastly, being over-weight or obese is not a good thing either…..everyone knows that.  When people are making efforts in getting fit and healthy, please do encourage them. If you can’t, then at least do not body-shame them and make them the butt of all your jokes. When I go out with my friends for lunch….my friends start giving pep-talks as to why he is not choosing that soft-drink just because it has more calories…..Doesn’t it occur to you that you might be making the other people around you uncomfortable? I might be sounding very blunt all this time…..but this is what’s been happening all around you……and this has to be stopped. Every human on this planet is beautiful in their own way…..some just look beautiful; others have beautiful minds, beautiful voice, beautiful artistic skills and intelligent brains. They all are beautiful.