I watched the sun sink into the darkness, taking away the little hope that was filling the day. How unfair it was. The insensitive sun had the authority to control the balance of man’s hope and despair, while we stupid creatures associated so much power to that one celestial body that had no fear of death or defeat.

It could ridicule the weakness of humans and we wouldn’t know. Still hoping and looking for Ray of positivity in the vanity of the Sun. Wishing and believing that the despair dressed as darkness could only be illuminated by the light of the Sun, promising a new tomorrow. How unfair it was to let that one thing control our faith and dreams, one thing, that was so far away and ignorant of what we truly feel.

Why would we blame the darkness for our sorrows, the darkness of the night that was beautiful in its own way. How can we curse something and look at it with such hatred without realizing the beauty with which it was created. Light and darkness are just words, two beautiful phases of the world created by the Master and to associate one with positivity and hope; and the other with despair and evil is the shallowness of one’s own mind.