When my dupatta flies in air,

           Looking at me air asks about you.


The sea-shore full of roar music,

           Points towards me and shouts about your absence.


The footprints left by us remain calm,

           And when it’s only me walking alone they say that

no print can be formed of yours because your love is not with you;

because your love is not with you.


When the sun shines as a daily routine,

          The rays, when they touch me asks where did you lose your shine.


When I’m silent,

          My silence says your smile has been lost with him.


When I’m sad,

          Then tears say there are no tears of happiness still left in me.


In the evening when I sit under a tree,

           It wonders asking where did you lose whole words of promise.


When I look at the moon,

           Moon looks towards me saying sorry and,

stars by questioning what is the reason for not sleeping at night.


All the time when I’m alone,

           My loneliness questions the state without you.


Every hour with every single minute including all the seconds that stare at me,

           And ask me from where you got this Patience.

           Then after laugh at me vigorously and say even patience has a limit, my dear.


When i see myself in a mirror,

           The image in the mirror asks there is no pre-image of yours left.


My heart beat questions,

          Where are those days when every beat said his name;



    Everyone, everything is questioning me about your absence.

            But nature doesn’t know that you cheated and left me alone by moving fast to another world…


    Still i believe in the trueness of the love and strongly move forward with a hope of your presence again in my life.


       A girl waiting for her Love with her both eyes open all the time such that she will not miss to see him if he is back again.


      Hope love win over fate…


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