A week ago, most of the people were busy celebrating Valentine’s Day. Planning something special like dinner dates, romantic walks, movies, drinks and other happening things. While most of the couples were busy in their lovey-dovey world and celebrating romantic moments, all the singles out there were celebrating Singletine’s Day. Interesting, right!

Few of them were trying to reach out their Ex’s and others were busy on Tinder. But there was one guy who did something extraordinary which actually shocked everyone. Shakul Gupta is an entrepreneur with Audi A4, according to the pictures posted on his Facebook wall. He wrote on his FB wall that if any women agrees to go out with him on a dinner date at Gurgoan’s Oberoi Hotel, he would gift her an Iphone 7 and promise to make it a memorable night.

Shakul Gupta stated:

“Who wants to be my Valentine? Dinner at Oberoi, Gurgoan. iPhone 7 (Brand new of your choice). Memorable moments?

Check out my profile if interested and message me. You can add me on FaceBook @ https://www.facebook.com/shakul.gupta.395

Two days after Valentine’s Day, he announced the overwhelming response he received and it took him a team and 5 days to scan through more than 2000 applicants and select the BEST FIVE.

Seriously? 2000? Shocking!!

Finally on February 16th, he went to the Oberoi Hotel with his five dates. And he also posted a picture with them along with the stack of iPhones on the table. Well, he was really serious about that.

Not to forget, this man even posted the photo of the bill for those who cannot accept or digest the fact that this man could pull this off so well.

It’s a bit hard to digest, but its true. People like that exist. And I still wonder if money can really buy happiness?

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