For all the men out there

This is a challenge for you.

You have always confronted me in the dark hours.

You have always stripped me off my virtues when the sun goes down.

You have tortured me behind closed doors.

In confined spaces, you have kept my screams muffled.

I dare you to face me in the daylight.

Try touching me in the scorching sunlight.

Oh you will be burned.

Try kissing me under the open skies. You will get a thirst,  so unquenchable, like a curse.

Trying tearing my clothes apart, with the breeze blowing and the sun rays filtering.

You will be dazzled by my curves.

Every inch of my body would entice you and tease you.

Horrors you inflict on me in the dark you wouldn’t dare to do the same.

You would be hypnotized by my fragile yet strong and enduring form.

You would want to feel me gently.

Caress me with care.

Fondle me lovingly.

I am not someone to he hidden.

I am an enigma.

Can you stand up to the challenge?