Childhood memories are priceless and are so permanent, like it’s the entire world, and then one day it’s over and we’re shoveling out it from the memories, stunned at the impermanence of everything that exists in the world. We really can spend entire life but wont get a memory as pure as childhood.
I could really see the pleasure on the face in the pictures of childhood, indeed the pleasure that we took in small things.
When I was a child , I used to think how easy is the life of people who are young . They earn, they spent and they enjoy but I am stuck in doing my homework. But now , when I myself have reached the periphery of youth, I realize how tough it is to struggle with life when everyone else is competing and no one is there to support. When we used to fall in childhood while walking we got support.  Nobody would smile on our fall but we ourselves. See a kid’s face who giggles the first when he falls. But now, when we fall the whole world laughs, mocks and condescend us.
Indeed nothing can give the peace like childhood. No worries of tomorrow but only pleasure of fun and frolics.

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