When I was a kid..I used to wonder that life as an adult or as a grown up will be so much fun. I think we all did wonder that. We were so intrigued even with the idea of being able to do whatever we wanted to, to be not answerable to anybody, to hangout with friends late at night, to have mobile phones, to sit up and watch TV or work on our computers for long without our parents telling us to go to bed and sleep as we had to get up early in the morning for our school.

But NOW when I have all of it and can do whatever I want to…I want to go back…go back to the place where I was only tantalized to do it but couldn’t…MY CHILDHOOD!!!


Somewhere deep down we all know the answer of this WHY !!!

Remember the time when having a Doctor set or a Kitchen set or a Barbie or a Hot wheels racing track with sexy cars on them was enough for us to sleep peacefully, to be happy, to be satisfied with our lives. Or watching Pokemon, Tom & Jerry and Dragon-Ball Z was all that was listed up in our schedule to do. We used to be on cloud nine when there was CHARIZARD in our Pokemon cards or in our chips packet.

Pic credits:- pokemon.wikia.com
Pic credits:- pokemon.kia.com

When having wrestling cards and winning the game just because of some wrestlers bigger biceps made us feel proud than winning a Bluff.

But now I realize that the things that made me happy the most have gone out my life rather I got too busy being a grown up that I forgot the child in me.

I was happy with the Fake kitchen …It made me feel that I am the best Chef in this whole world.

I was happy with the Doctor set …It made me feel that I could cure any disease in the world.

I was happy with the Racing Cars ….It made me feel that you can control your life the same way you control speed.

My Childhood gave me the freedom to do anything , to be anything , to live a new life everyday sometimes of a doctor or a chef or a model or a teacher or an astronaut ..anything I ever wanted to be!

But alas!!!!

Time changes…I know that…Move on with life…I know that too…But so soon???

Now when I look back …I only wish that my younger version knew that this is the best time of your life…cherish it …make the most of it…play, dance, be whoever you want to be as it is not going to be same forever!!


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