Christmas Changed or ‘We’??

As we are growing up there are some instances which we would see now and then, we can feel how the meaning of Christmas changed with time. Here are I have such 7 instances.


THEN: We would pray to God to send Santa with your wished gifts and on the Christmas morning when we get our wished gift (which was kept by our parents on the night before, when we were sleeping), we had the world’s biggest smile on our face. During those days gifts would be some chocolates or toys.

NOW: Like childhood, we still need some gifts for Christmas but now we don’t pray God or Santa. We just go to our parents with our demands. Now our gifts go costlier as we need dress or mobile or may be a vehicle.


THEN: Christmas party seemed to be incomplete without Christmas cakes and chocolates.

NOW: Like every other occasion, Christmas also remains incomplete without booze and sutta.


THEN: Christmas meant a day with family and all members from extended family would come or a day with siblings and cousins to play around in home.

NOW: Christmas means full night party with friends or siblings and cousins in pub or club or at friend’s place.


THEN: Candles were the real lights for the Christmas decoration and decorating Christmas tree would be so fun.

NOW: Christmas decoration means different lights (hardly we can distinguish between Diwali and Christmas now) and getting decked up and clicking selfie for social media is such fun.


THEN: Christmas is full of Christmas Carols and Prayer Songs.

NOW: Christmas is full of dhamakedaar party songs.


THEN: Christmas means wake up early for gifts and decorations.

NOW: Christmas means another day to sleep till late and wake up late.


THEN: Next day of Christmas meant waking up late because we got exhausted while playing, decorating and opening up gifts the whole day on the day before.

NOW: Next day of Christmas still means waking up late. But the reason of waking up late changes to hang-over of extra booze on the night before.

These 7 instances clearly show how meaning of Christmas changed for us as we grew up.

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