“You were red. You liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.”

Every love story begins with a slight gesture of liking, a small tinge of happiness and here and there a little bits of shyness and crush. Isn’t it that every love story has the same twist in many different ways? Every story is made of small little inputs that we provide each day. Two people when in love are not able to see anything else except their one true love as they call in each other. For them they are truly the whole world for each other. Don’t you think so they should get bored or feel like leaving each other for some reason at some point of time. Yes it happens frequently, that’s why the excitement should never end. You should never forget that the person you chose to spend life with is the very person next to you holding your hand in every up and down you face in the journey of life.

Now life would be boring if there wouldn’t be any twist and turns in any relationship. We need to break the monotony but not in a way to break relations. Frustrations and misunderstandings do grow in a relation but there are moments when we are on the verge of leaving her/ him. This should not happen. But time is a great player. It knows how and where to hit hard. Let’s think initially at the start she is like a beautiful angel, like blue to you, because you were red. Red is a color that is vibrant, a symbol of strength and love and fear at the same time. Blue shows warmth, love and care. But when you touched her she will definitely melt in your arms her warmth would release out of her to let her go and transform to lilac sky, it’s her nature and her destiny. But wait a second, what happened to you. You are still red and you expect her to still be blue. She is blue but your blue now, your red has affected her, forced her to become lilac sky. And now you say that she is not yours. Why? It’s unjust.

This is what happens first you accept her as she is and then slowly try to transform her as you want to and once she is like your lilac sky you want her back to blue. This is not possible right. She gave up on many things to be your lilac sky and now you want her to be blue again. You are being mean to her and your relation. I know this might not be the only reason and for tearing apart of people who truly love each other. But it’s one of the most prominent reasons not only applicable to her but him to. Colors don’t choose any gender; they live in a free world since ages. The quote is truly stated, “You were red. You liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.”

Nothing is more precious than your partner to you, let me give a few reasons for this.

  • When you wake beside them, it’s like a dream come true and you forget every worry and tension and stress and just want to stay there forever.
  • When you have you bed tea or coffee right beside you with your daily news paper, you know it can’t be more perfect than this.
  • When you had a rough day and you cancel your date still you find them not so harsh but understanding your situation, you know it’s them who you look forward to be with every day.
  • When you have to struggle with something and they give you a tap on your shoulder and say, “let’s play tic tac toe” and insist you to do that, you just forget every tension you have and just let go for your love.
  • The hand, the shoulder you feel when you are low, it’s them.
  • When you leave your parents for them, it’s the time you realize that they will never let you feel their absence beside you.
  • On a rainy day, having a sip of your favorite coffee made by them and not able to resist the rain, will make you realize how special you are to them.
  • In the hospital, in the labor room, going through your labor pain, while holding your hand their soft words,” it’ll be alright” will make you realize your true worth in their lives.
  • While holding your child having him beside you, will make you feel the most special person in your life.
  • Last but not the least, you will always be his princess and one day his queen and he will be your king.

So do you need me to tell you anything else about your partner? Life is short dear don’t waste in petty fights. They don’t worth your time. Let her be your purple, lilac sky. Let him be your red and just live the moments because as I said, time is a great player.

Signing off, your well wisher.